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When should I book the party?
As soon as possible, we get very busy especially at weekends. We don't want to have to disappoint anyone.

Can you recommend a venue for the party?
The best venues tend to be village halls or community centers. It is best to not book too big a venue as the children just tend to run around more when there are vast expanses of space. Also a venue up or down stairs is best avoided where possible, I've got to carry my kit up and down those stairs!

How many children should I Invite to the party?
The ideal maximum would be about 30, but we have catered for parties in excess of 50 children, but things can get a bit chaotic. Many parents do feel under pressure to invite their childs entire class.

What age do you cater for?
From the age of five seem to get the most out of this type of party and up to early teens. We have been known to do the odd adult disco as well, but we leave the games for you to arrange on these ones!

Do you do Joint parties?
Yes and we would recommend this as a way to keep the costs down, but please do not invite double the children. This works best when children are in the same class at school or share a common group of friends.

Can I request some music to play at the party?
Yes, no problem. Please give us some notice and if we don't have the requested music we will try to source it for you ready for the day. We can even play the number 1 hit for the day your child was born if deemed appropriate, just let us know.

Do I need to provide anything?
All you need to provide is the venue, food and children.

When is the best time to serve food?
This depends on the time of the party, usually about half way through a 2 hour party seems to work best.

Can I have the party at home?
Yes, we can accommodate this space permitting.

Can parents stay at the party?
This is fine, but we do find that kids are more inclined to join in and enjoy themselves without mum or dad there. A big no no is letting the party kids sit on their mums laps as timid children will opt to stay with their parents rather than join in the party. Parents who do stay can help with the activities!

Are there any extra charges I should be aware of?
No, depending what package you pick, everything is included in the price.

Do you do school discos?
Yes we can do this, but would recommend running these in age groups Reception+Year 1, Years 2+3 and Years 4+5+6.

What areas do you cover?
We are based in Swindon, Wiltshire, however, we do cover an area within a 30 mile radius. For distances beyond 10 miles we do charge a small fee to cover the travelling costs, but we will make you aware of this when you enquire so there are no surprises.

Any other question?
Feel free to contact us or check out our FaceBook page. www.facebook.com/teenypopsdisco


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